We commissioned Kinetiq to undertake additional analysis of various types of data alongside our own analysis. This ranged from semi-structured transcripts of interviews and focus groups to highly structured data relating to Patient Experience and Leadership behaviours. As a project team we felt there was a great deal of extra insight to be revealed though application of more specialist techniques to the data and this proved to be the case. In doing so, we were able to produce a more potent, evidence based report for our Culture Champions to get under the skin of how the five cultural elements were observed and experienced in the workplace. Rather than working independently, at our request Kinetiq worked closely with the internal team throughout and helped to illuminate ways we can get maximum value from our data now and in the future, building our internal capability to research and think effectively with complex data. Martin and team, thank you so much for your support and insight.

Tom Kenward, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust