Unlocking The Puzzles

FITT® Grid

The FITT® Grid is used to map organisational data from TEDD® and/or other internal sources to produce powerful insights into the ingredients of workplace climate. This usefully shines a light on the relationships between ‘engagement’ and ‘performance outcomes’ The analysis produces four zones, each representing a different workplace climate, as shown in the figure below:

In this example we create four zones, each characterised by data from our research. The zones are a reflection of two overarching factors: 1) balance of the deal, which represents the perceived fairness of the social exchange process – an expression of work climate; 2) employee contribution – the combination of job engagement, organisational engagement and capability invested by employees in the workplace. 

Importantly, while these zones are based on robust statistical evidence, they are complemented by free text data that provide a window into behaviours of individuals and teams and the personality of the organisation.

They also reflect levels of useful energy – the investment by employees in creating new ideas to solve workplace issues and getting things done in a value-based way.

FITT® Grid illustration
FITT® Grid