The Standards for Employers of Social Workers

The Standards for Employers of Social Workers

Social Work Health Check Report

Dr Martin Reddington

Owen Kennedy

Maryam Ahmadiyankooshkghazi

Elmira Bakhshalian

Fatima Elmi

February 2021

This timely report examines a number of critical questions about the experiences of Social Workers in England:

  • How well do employers deliver the refreshed Standards?
  • How do employees perceive their working environment?
  • What factors influence them to remain engaged with their work and minded to stay with their organisations?

The lessons that flow from the evidence in this report can and should shape the way leaders and managers in both the private and public sectors think about the people who work for them. They will also help to take forward the debate about what government and other policy makers can do to help promote a better environment to attract, develop and retain professional, compassionate and engaged staff who deliver high quality social work.

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